Blessed Yule and Happy Solstice to All

For those who don't remember, Christmas has very few traditions unique to its religious association. The majority of Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas Tree itself, come from the Pagan Yule celebration of the Germanic and Nordic peoples.

So here's to those who don't celebrate the Christian version of that ancient holiday, and here's to you Sarah. I wish you all a Blessed Yule, and a wonderful Winter Solstice. I will try to support all of you as best I can in the new cycling of the seasons!

All Winter long behind every thunder guess what we heard!
behind every thunder the song of a bird, a trumpeting bird.

All Winter long beneath every snowing guess what we saw!
beneath every snowing a thaw and a growing, a greening a growing...
all Winter long we ran to the sun, the dance of the Sun.

The image and verse (from a Native American song), were found at Rowangarth Greetings.

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