Violet Blue Lays Down the Rules

Long before our blog went up, and probably long before I even knew what a blog was, there was Violet Blue at the forefront of the blogging revolution. Or at least that's how I see it. Of course I'm biased, because Nikki and I are both partial to Violet's content.

It probably started when she began podcasting Open Source Sex, which is a fantastic educational resource that is funny, informative, and also very entertaining. Since then we have become more familiar with her site and blog at Tiny Nibbles, and I know that I read her new posts just about daily.

In a way, I suppose that Violet Blue inspired me to put up our own blog. Someday I hope to meet the Queen of Blogs when I'm in her neighborhood again. In the meantime I will try to pay closer attention to Violet Blue's Customs of Blogistan.

She lays down some of the rules of blogging that should be followed if you have integrity as a writer. I suppose if you don't have integrity, then you can just do what some of these other "journalists" do and rip off info from bloggers (or just fail to write what is true), as pointed out to us by Violet.

I am still quite new to blogging, so I guess I'm learning. I'll try to do better in the future in keeping these courtesies in mind. Sometimes I feel that since I'm not really posting news a lot of the time, that not all these rules apply in my case. I have a feeling Violet would possibly correct me on that though.

In any case, we love Violet Blue, and this is a little tribute to her (featuring Nikki). I try to spread the word about Violet's work whenever the opportunity presents itself, as her contribution to the scene is a great one.

Update: Violet's Comment -- She was gracious in dropping us a link on her blog and even went so far as to say that our little imitation/flattery picture above "kind of makes [her] all blushy and want to hide." Aww, don't hide Violet. It's okay, you can come out and play. Feel free to stay with us any time you want to have a beach vacation on the East coast. Catch Violet's full post here.

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