Three Hounds Gallery

My connection to art has been very lean these last several months. I am never happy when such droughts come around, but I am happy when I can see their end on the horizon. Such a time is now. I am happy to say that my working days will now have a pinch of art tossed into the mix, and hopefully that pinch will aggregate into a larger mass in the near future. I intend to take that mass, knead it, and let it rise and eventually throw it in the oven.

I will be starting to contribute at Three Hounds Gallery next week. Conveniently located in downtown Wilmington, Three Hounds initially struck me as having a more traditional flare for the local impressionist, expressionist, and mostly objective and comfortable work. My recent observations have shown this to be false on account of exhibitions that endeavor to breach the lines of contemporary abstraction and non-objective themes. One example of this is the current show of work by Wayne McDowell and Jeff Chase, with paintings that represent the importance of the process over the end result. Those who know my own work better may recall that such has also been my focus for many years.

There are a number of things which I look forward to in this professional relationship. I look forward to being a part of an art gallery once again, as it has been too long I think. I look forward to getting to know the local art scene all the better, now that I shall be interacting with it on a regular basis. I also know that there are few things which inspire one to create as being surrounded by other creative minds and their creations.

So here's to hopes for the future, Three Hounds Gallery, and what has the promise of being a fruitful relationship for all those involved.

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