Surly Teenager Attack!

Welcome to my personal rant of the day. (Rant rant rant.) I am a player of an MMOPRG, and there are times when my enjoyment of the game is severely decreased by Surly Teens. You know what I'm talking about... They're the ones who can't control themselves in public, and give you a similar feeling as using a public restroom. There is just not enough soap in the world to get yourself (or the surly teen) clean again. My enjoyment of any game greatly depends on its replay value, and I tend to dwell on those games which never end, such as The Sims, or WoW, or Morrowind.

When I encountered the Surly Teen, I knew that it was going to end badly when he/she started badgering. (ZOMG kid, you cannot have that item that luck of the draw gave to me for a pittance of its worth...ahem.) He/She just would not let the issue drop, and carried on a rather one-sided argument for 45 minutes, which consisted of whining, pestering, and calling me an asshole by the end of it. (At the final boss, this kid kept distracting me with his/her belligerance and was certainly not focused on helping the group.) Now, I may actually be an asshole, especially in situations like that, but it's awful rude to call someone that, especially when you've just met them. This is the kid that you dread meeting in the mall, clerks...beware of the Surly Teen. Rant, rant rant. And then..../ignore. ;) I suppose I could have handled the situation differently, but alas, I lack patience occasionally.

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