Fiendishly Cute!

We've been following a fabulous project by Amy Winfrey for several years now, and having watched the Thanksgiving Treat of Making Fiends, I felt compelled to write a short piece about the Fiendish Fun. As I understand it, the whole endeavor began as a final project in Amy's graduate work in animation, and has evolved from there. Haplessly Cute Charlotte is the unwitting victim of her nemesis/"friend" Vendetta in these episodes here. I've personally always wondered what the creator of this neato project thinks, what inspires the series and how she does it! I keep meaning to make a fiend to submit in the fiend contest that happens yearly, but I always manage to forget... I also keep meaning to buy a fiendishly cute t-shirt from the fiend store, but I keep forgetting to do that too... Perhaps a fiend should pop up on the 'ole computer, squeak out a "RAR" at me, and remind me to just do it!

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