Busy Busy + Holidays + Other Stuff

As of late I haven't posted much. Gomen ^_^. Thanksgiving pounced on me and I've been working on a little project that I can't really talk much about just yet. Not until the official announcement anyway. I've been doing a fair amout of art for it, and I've now gotten into the sound effects and music as well.

Once things are out in the open I'll be able to share more of the artwork and music with everyone. What I can say is that it's a collaboration that will be entered into the Dream Coding Grand Prix 2006. It's pretty exciting, and so I will just leave you with the above image as a sneak peak.

In other news, Minitokyo user candy-chan's got a great new wall up on her blog, Revolution Apparel. Meanwhile, Matt's working on his flash game project, which is shaping up nicely at End of Heroes, and I look forward to the finished result.

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