Blastin' Your Way the Old-fashioned Way

I was recently browsing through Independed Gaming blog, as I have done more than once lately. I was very happy to find this great resource with tons of new information on free and/or independed games. Not too long ago they mentioned a new game in development by Sigma Team called Alien Shooter 2.

I recommend trying the demo, which is currently available for download from Sigma Team's site. The game features a great old school feel which harkens back to the days of Abuse, and Crusader. Though this type of game has been unsuccesfully duplicated before, i.e. Restricted Area, Alien Shooter delivers where others could not. Prividing an almost Halo like feel in the demo, white maintaining the fun factor of plowing through alien hordes Diablo 2 style.

The action element of this game is a lot of fun and had my adrenaline going a few times. I especially recommend finding the secret area in the basement which allows you to man the gun turret...and take on a HUGE wave of enemies.

Character building thus far seems well thought out, with different possilbe builds. Maybe. The demo allows for fairly quick skill learning and leveling, but that may be just to show how it works. I hope the final product allows for more varied builds, and a longer lasting build time. As much fun as it may be initially, having a maxed out character a third of the way through the game just doesn't do well for game balance.

Other than that minor concern, there are a good number of items to equip yourself with, different weapon classes, as well as armor and accessories. I think that this repertoire of items will make the game interesting as long as it is expanded when the full game is released.

In terms or presentation I had no complaints. They could have made the game using 3D models instead of sprites I suppose, but who cares! It's all good and still looks good. If it were not for the sprites, I'm not sure that the game would maintain the fuzzy warm feeling I get from it that reminds me of days gone by. The graphical style works well, and the sounds complement the experience with some nice techno music breaking up the action.

So cheers for nostalgia once more! Alien Shooter 2 promises to bring you back to the days of top down turmoil, isometric insanity, and smachingly good old-school times. Keep an eye on this one.

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