The Big City of Azeroth?

The respectable blogging community Metro Blogging has been touted by Violet Blue for some time. I have enjoyed Violet's writing, and I think the writers on Metblogs do a great job. If you check out the Metblogs complete city list, you will find that it is a select list indeed. No cities from my state are on that list, which is perhaps because no one from this state wants to write for them. That would be unfortunate if it's the case (though maybe not all that surprising).

I don't know exactly what the criteria are for Metblogs to choose what cities are included on their list, but that list is not all that long to be sure. You might imagine my surprise when at the end of that list, under "other," we find the name Azeroth!

I had no idea that Azeroth was now considered a metropolitan area. I have nothing against that black-as-the-devil's-hoofs game called WoW, or those who play it. Wait, that may be a lie. But I certainly don't have anything against those who choose to blog about WoW. After all, I'm doing it right now, so that means it's okay.

What does strike me as peculiar is that it's included on Metblogs as one of their big cities. Maybe it's because half the world has their brains plugged into WoW, sucking the life-juice out of them. Maybe that's why there's no shortage of people who want to write about their "home away from home at home."

Whatever the case may be, I felt a slight tinge of dissapointment when I realized that Metblogs included virtual locations. Seems like there should have been a place for Lineage in there too. But I suppose that's in the past now. At it's peak Lineage was at about half of the total WoW subscriptions. Now WoW is above seven million, and the rest of the MMOs out there can't even touch that (statistics via MMOGChart). Maybe it's just me, but I'm a little more afraid now.

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