The Small Space

For many a day now I had walked past the SmallSpace gallery with it's "coming soon" sign in the window. Until, a few days I ago, I found the sign gone and their doors open. Originally I noticed them on MySpace, but didn't really delve further into their profile.

I stepped inside to be greeted with, as you might expect, as small space. True to their name, however, the impact was bigger than you might expect. Their gallery is well organized and clean, showcasing both black and white as well as color photography which adorns the walls. Unlike many galleries which try to cram art on the walls into every possible corner, SmallSpace takes a less cluttered approach. Seems to me that if they didn't, the limited square footage would make you feel very cramped if coupled with excessive quantity of art on the walls.

Currently SmallSpace is having a sale on everything in the gallery, with discounts starting at 20% off. Present work includes landscape photography of Iceland and the Pacific Northwest. I was also pleased to find that some of their work is currently on exhibit at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Montana, my former residence.

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