She's Got Big ORBZ and He's Got Big ORBZ...

Just when I hadn't used my Zodiac in a couple of weeks, something comes along to revive my interest. I seem to be a little late with catching on, but it would appear that ExtremeAI is generously offering ORBZ for free! You can download it from their site here.

I originally tried ORBZ when I got my Zodiac some time ago. I played the demo a bit, and I thought this was actually a very unique and entertaining game. I would go so far as to say it ORBZ is one of the best commercial games that the Zod has to offer, so you bet I'm excited about being able to get it.

Planning to buy it eventually, I missed the boat when Tapwave closed shop. Since then I had many an inkling to play ORBZ. But I eventually came to terms with knowing it would never happen. Recently we even had a discussion on the Tapland forums about how the devs were not able to release it because of copyright issues with Fathammer. So things ended with that.

But here we are, just a few weeks later, and ORBZ is now on my Zod! Hurray for ExtremeAI, hurray for ORBZ, and hurray for Zodiacs!

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