It's Alive!!!

It had been about four years since my last PC upgrade, and my old beast Red Monkey was starting to show its age. It still looked good, but it had it's trouble running newer games, and it was laden with filled hardrives that hampered it's performance.

Finally, upon my birthday, I had saved up enough money to get myself the one present I had been wanting for a long time. That's right, a real upgrade this time. I decided that I would go for good performance, spending a little more if I had to, and would put together something that would last me a little longer.

I had been stalking Newegg for weeks trying to figure out what to put in the new rig. I had spend many hours reading the Extreme Overclocking Forums and posting to narrow down my search. Until, finally, I had made my decision.

I went with a sleek and clean Lian-li case, which I must admit is built with extreme precision and is of excellent quality. Put in a new Enermax PSU at 500 Watts, for the future SLI setup. And at last switched over to an awesome DFI AM2 motherboard. Added to that a nice AMD 64 X2 4200 (65W) for that eventual overclock. And topped it off with 2GB of G.Skill dual channel ram.

Overall a nice package, but it is not complete. Everything went together smoothly, and I opted to use an older IDE 60GB hardrive I had as well as an old GeForce FX 5200 PCI card. Yeah, I know, those are far from high performance parts, but I figured they'll tide me over until I'm ready to get a new set of hardrives for my Raid array, and a new set of GeForce cards to run in an SLI setup. Also in the future is a DVD burner, but that can wait.

After putting it all together I was very happy to see that there was no troubleshooting necessary. That's a rarity, but a welcome one nevertheless. I turned it all on and have since given it a nice long time to burn in.

It's ALIVE! My creation! I shall call thee "Silver!!!"

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