Gauger's Post-apocalyptic Video Game Future

Eliza Gauger of Kotaku once again managed to entertain me with sheer randomness and the ability to conjure up a vision which I find eerily plausable. From her article on Seattle being the number one city for video games in the country, Gauger brings us a prophecy of post-apocalyptic proportions where gamers will finally rule the world!

"When the end times come and the gamers must rise up against the Insane Jackass Army, headquarters will be at my house. You guys can sleep on the fold-out.
As the smoke of massive cartridge and cd-fueled bonfires sully the weeping sky, we will amass in ranks along the shining halls of Westlake Center. The hardened EB employees there will lean on the shoulders of sympathetic Hot Topic gloomygirls, weary from a long night of outfitting our soldiery with shuriken carved from the CDs of the used sports games bin.
We'll be forced to pillage Hot Dog on a Stick for rations, dazzling the fearful employees with bright, seductive games of Loco Roco, Nintendogs, and Zuma before drafting them into the rank and file and starting them on more serious pursuits.
Outside, the shambling Jackasses begin to close in."

Now, isn't Seattle also the number one city for stress (or suicides) in the country? Must be a coincidence.

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