Best. Pastry. Ever.

Eating healthy, organic foods will make a huge difference on all aspects of your life, starting with digestion. Research even suggests that infants who have been given only pure foods will be much healthier and alert than those who've been fed, either through breast milk or processed baby foods, the chemically enhanced alternative.

Addicting, tasty, and just by looking at it, you've gained a pound. These have been on my mind ever since I started working at a small organic bakery not too far from where I live, which boasts European style breads and pastries, and fair trade coffee strong enough to singe the hair off a grown man. I watched the pastry chef making the dough, swiftly rolling out buttery goodness on his wooden workstation, squirting creamy cheesy GOODness into each little square dimple. He made other things, too, but I found the cheese crowns the most fascinating. I wish I knew his recipe. I'd like to know how to make those evil things.

The very shape of this little pastry is ingenious. Who woulda thunk that a muffin tin, and the simple ingredients of butter, flour, egg, sugar, creamed cheese, and some things I've probably not mentioned would come together in such a perfect shape? I know that there was a sprinkle of cinnimon and maybe cloves at the very bottom of the cheesey yummiful goodness. I had no choice but to gain fifteen pounds while working at the bakery. It was simply unavoidable. Did I mention, the delicious way they just melt away in your mouth...

I had more to say about the glories of Cheese, but the delicious organic butter has gone straight to my head, and I must meditate on why all my pants keep getting tighter. Mmmmmm...Cheese.....

I think a relatively easy variation of this recipe would involve Pillsbury Croissont dough, for an easy quick base. I don't have the patience these days to make croissont dough, lol. Definitely, there shall be cream cheese, sugar, cinnamon, clove, and a dash of Momma's Love, but I'm not quite sure about the quanities yet. At least the Icing I've got down...that's just cinnamon, butter, and Confectioner's Sugar. The filling reminds me of cheesecake, so there must be egg in it. Perhaps I could do some rough division on a Cheesecake recipe and get something pretty close. If I successfully attempt it, I'll post later about the ingredients. Zomg, wish me luck! I haven't made a pastry since...since....since....I was making pastries for my husband, back when we first hooked up.... That was awhile ago!

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