Awesome Additions, Flippin Features

After lots of scouring the net and other blogs for information on adding category tags, which aren't supported directly in Blogger, I found nuttin and just about gave up. I decided to wait till Blogger Beta began to support team blogs, which could be never as far as I knew.

I came upon another little nice addition to our blog noted on Technology Wrap: Digg and buttons. I added those to our posts now, as you may have noticed, and it was good. But, lo and behold, I saw that their blog used tags, and saw that it was a team blog. "How could this be?" I asked myself.

I decided to contact n3il89, the writer of that nice how-to, and ask about those fabulous tags. He was kind enough to point me to another guide on A Consuming Experience. This one outlined a somewhat complicated procedure to manually add Technorati category tags to the posts of your blog. But I persevered, installed Greasmonkey, installed the script, and now you see before you the fruits of that labor. Hurray, we've got tags!

In addition, I've added feed buttons into the sidebar. These allow you to add our sitefeed to a variety of services, so you can keep up on our posts more easily. And of course now we've got a good amount of listings buttons at the bottom of the sidebar too.

So we've got feed options, Digg,, and category tags. This is good for us and it's good for you :D. Makes things easier on everybody, and makes our blog more like a "real" blog!

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