Toilet Philosophies...

So I started a new job yesterday, which includes some housekeeping duties. You know, like cleaning and stuff. Well... yeah, some janitorial work.

Okay fine! I have to clean toilets all right? Are you happy now!? Damn... It's not like I am adverse to getting my hands dirty in a porcelain bowl you know. I did my share of toilet scrubbing at Odiyan.

So anyway, as I was cleaning TOILETS with another guy, we're just talking and he tells me he wants to go back to school. I asked him what he wants to study, and whaddya know? He wants to study philosophy! I tell him "hey, that's cool, I studied philosophy."

So basically we ended up talking philosophy for the rest of restroom cleaning duties. That's gotta be a new one. Or maybe just a really sad and ironic one. Either way, I got to put my philosophy degree to use while cleaning toilets. Yeah, laugh it up. Just remember, I'll find out where you live!

Also, this reminded me for some reason of Ilya Kabakov's The Toilet installation which I got a chance to see at the Documenta 9 in Kassel, Germany (1992).

And if you still haven't had enough, here you can satisfy your craving for more philosophical shit.

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