Peddling Art on the Street...

Ah yes. Being the struggling artists that we are, our various works were "on display" Saturday during the 50/50 Art Market in downtown Wilmington. We tried to peddle our various--and I do mean various--works of art on the hot pavement.

I felt like our mix was a little too eclectic and that may account for how little we sold. At least we broke even for our fee to be in the event, with a little extra left over. But for sitting out there for about ten hours, and both of us getting fairly strong sun burns, I have to wonder if it was worth it.

I suppose I did give out my contact information to several people, so I have to include the networking aspect into my "benefits" in this case. But you don't normally hear back from anybody that takes your contact info, so I'm not holding my breath.

What I found surprising is that so few people bought Nikki's "mounted doodles for $10." They were cute, good, dry mounted, not too big, and best of all cheap. What more do people want from a piece of original art? I guess that's an answer that is more than a little difficult to find.

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