I Loves My Dreamcast...

It's been seven years since the launch of the Dreamcast, and I am happy to say that I have played mine just a few days ago. In honor of this event, Kotaku posted an article about some of the merits and memories of the beloved Sega console.

Most recently, my Dreamcast endeavors have included trying to track down various homebrew projects for the system and trying them out. I am glad to see that the DC indy scene is still alive and well. Sites like DCEmu and DCEvolution have been very helpful in getting my fix lately. Among the best items I have found have been Beneath a Steel Sky, DCBlap, and other interesting applications like Dreamshell. There are several other titles that I'm still downloading, and others I haven't had a chance to burn yet.

One of the pitfalls of getting homebrew software is that every download comes in a different file format, so figuring out how to burn it has been a challenge. It's easy when you just get a Nero, Clone CD, Alcohol, or DiscJuggler image. But some downloads require you to create your own self-bootable image, and I haven't been able to figure that out yet. Part of me just doesn't want to spend all that time researching the method :P.

I've also had a chance to play a couple of really awesome import titles recently. A friend of mine lent me Cool Cool Toon, which is a very fun and original music and rhythm game. The gameplay is reminiscent of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for DS, and I have a feeling some of the same people probably created it. And then, needing no introduction, Ikaruga finally made its way into my sweaty little hands.

Though I have to admit that I've spent less time playing and more time scouring the net for the last bastions of DC glory, I am still much enamored of my Dreamcast. I find it is perhaps the last great video game console of the "next gen era." That era began for me with the Dreamcast in 1999, and continues to this day. However, I have high hopes for the Wii, but we shall see.

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