Arcade Machine Plays Everything & Your Mom

I was watching some HGTV, which is the bane of my existence, and saw a cool new thing on I Want That: Tech Toys. The were showing an arcade cabinet which is claimed to play just about "every game." The cabinets are made by Dream Authentic and feature several options in terms of screens, controls, and configurations.

Further surfing on their site reveals that the cabinets come with approximately 200 games, but are compatible with much more. Apparently the cabinets are a PC based system which can run "any retail PC game ever created that runs on Microsoft Windows XP, PC-based Software like MAME(tm) and other windows-based emulators, any retail XBOX game via a Microsoft XBOX Game Console, [and] fully Licensed arcade games."

I have to admit that I find that pretty impressive. Just imagine sitting down at your own personal arcade machine with your buddies and being able to play anything from King of Dragons to Soul Edge, Gley Lancer to Killer Instinct, and Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller to Space Tripper. Of course, you could opt for more popular titles, but that's just mass-market brain-washing mumbo-jumbo.

Now, you probably won't see me selling all my possessions to scrape up the exorbitant amount of money needed to buy one of these, and I'm sure you could build your own MAME compatible cabinet for a fraction of that cost. But if any of you've got an extra 6K burning a hole in your pocket, then by all means, go an get that Eladius model right now!

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